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Honda Scooter


Category : Honda Scooter

History of Honda Scooter


The history of Honda scooter is quite rich as Honda has made efforts to provide the best scooter riding experience to people since the beginning. Starting from the first Honda scooter that came way back in the 1970’s and 80’s in Japan, till the modern day Honda scooters that are famous today, Honda has dedicated itself to providing the best quality scooter riding experience. The first foray by Honda was in its home market in Japan, with the name of the first scooter being the Tact. Since then, there have been various alterations of Honda scooters and all of them have grabbed the interest of the market. Here is a look at some of the popular Honda scooters that have made their mark in the world.


Scooters from Honda


The different scooters from Honda have changed the way the world sees Honda scooters. The Honda Elite was one of the earliest ranges of Honda scooters that grabbed the right attention. With a simplistic design and body, the Honda Elite was seen as a replacement of the older model named Spree. A combination of couple of Honda scooter models at that time, the Honda Elite was released in 1988 and it became an instant hit. There were 4 major models of this Honda scooter and they were considerably different from each other, in a variety of ways. Honda Metropolitan was another interesting design from the stable of Honda scooters that made a big mark in the world. This Honda Metro scooter was designed and redesigned throughout its life, with the last version coming in 2002. 

Honda Scooter Parts


Category : Honda Scooter Parts

Purchasing Honda Scooter Parts


For purchasing Honda scooter parts, you would have to think about a variety of things. One of the most important things is the genuineness of the parts. You should always buy Honda scooter parts from stores that are authorized for selling these parts. The problem with Honda scooter parts is that there are several cheap, duplicate parts available for Honda scooters all over the world these days.